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Mickey's Christmas Carol

IMDb 8,1
Nominated for 1 Oscar.
«He's back! Mickey Mouse - in his first new motion picture in 30 years...»
Burny Mattinson
HD 720p
26 min.
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The authors of the plot took as a basis the Christmas story of Dickens, a gloomy work that makes one think about the meaning of life. As a result, the creators of the Disney masterpieces turned out to be a funny instructive tale, the main idea of which is not to be afraid to change yourself, each of us is on the shoulder when there are true friends alongside. 
Ghosts from Christmas sleep helped Uncle Scrooge, known for his stinginess to become quite adequate and even generous. Once upon a time Scrooge had loved and faithful friends, but he exchanged them for money. In the past, he took his Christmas ghost. Then they flew to the house of a conscientious and trouble-free worker Mickey. There was an atmosphere of love and warmth, despite the fact that the family did not have money for the treatment of a seriously ill son, and even at Christmas they could not afford a delicious treat. The most terrible test was the vision of his own grave. In awe Scrooge woke up and was extremely happy that he was at home, in his own bed, which means that he has a chance to correct mistakes. The boss offers Mickey to become his companion with a significant salary increase, the kids got a lot of presents and a traditional turkey for Christmas. 
Behind the events of a bright, dynamic cartoon will be watched with interest by both kids and adults.

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