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The Matrix Revolutions

Metascore 77
IMDb 6,7
4 wins & 30 nominations.
Everything that has a beginning has an end.
Lana Wachowski
129 min.
film poster The Matrix Revolutions
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "The Matrix Revolutions":

Fantastic thriller "The Matrix: Reloaded", released on screens in 2003, is the second part of the movie trilogy, narrating about the adventures of Neo. The plot of the film was only six months, after the events described in the first part. Power over the world was captured by machines that placed people in special capsules, where they live in an artificially created reality, and believe that they are free. But there are those who still managed to maintain real freedom, and now they are fighting the machines. After they were joined by Neo, people had a chance not only to fight equally, but also to win, because the main character is the chosen one, and the only one who can change the alignment of forces.

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