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The Count of Monte Cristo

IMDb 7,8
Prepare for adventure. Count on revenge.
Kevin Reynolds
HD 720p
131 min.
film poster The Count of Monte Cristo
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "The Count of Monte Cristo":

It is not easy to screen a famous novel by a great writer. As a rule, the director makes his own corrections, the details are lost. But the picture 'The Count of Monte Cristo' by American director Kevin Reynolds is really surprising. The protagonist of the film is the same as in the famous classical story. His name is Edmond Dantes. A simple guy prepares to take the wife of a beautiful Mercedes, but there is a misfortune - Edmond betrays his friend Fernand. For thirty years the hero is imprisoned. And all this time he dreams of only one thing - to take revenge on his offenders. Edmond finds himself an accomplice who helps him escape. Naturally, all this time the protagonist was preparing a plan for his spectacular return. And now he is not that simple shirt-guy, but the rich noble and influential Count of Monte Cristo. He came to deal with everyone who dared to offend him ... 'The Count of Monte Cristo' is not only a script of a classic novel but also an unrivaled acting game, wonderful effects, excellent musical accompaniment - that's what makes this picture inimitable.

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