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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Metascore 76
IMDb 7,5
Nominated for 1 Golden Globe.
The sun persists in rising, so I make myself stand.
Francis Lawrence
HD 1080p
146 min.
film poster The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire":

Having survived in the ruthless Hunger Games, Katniss Everdin and Pete Mellarck vainly try to forget about what happened to them in the Capitol. But President Snow, the dictator of the state Panem, and his clique are not ready to leave the girl and the guy alone, considering them dangerous. 

Authorities decide to organize demonstration games in which winners of past years from each district will take part. The die is thrown: Katniss and Pete are forced to return to the Arena. Again they face to face with death - for the sake of their loved ones, for the sake of their future, for the sake of their love!

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The Hunger Games
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