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The Hunger Games

Metascore 68
IMDb 7,2
Nominated for 1 Golden Globe.
The World Will Be Watching
Gary Ross
HD 1080p
142 min.
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The action of the picture takes place in the prospective future. After the disaster, a new state reigned on the planet, consisting of thirteen industrial districts - districts, with the capital in the center, called Panem. Each district, under the watchful guard of soldiers, called 'peacekeepers,' produced certain products that provide a chic life for the inhabitants of Panama. The districts themselves were starving. Seventy-four years ago there was an uprising of the districts, which was raised by the thirteenth district. The uprising was suppressed, the district # 13 was razed to the ground, bombed. In memory of the fact that any resistance will threaten the death of residents of the entire district, Panem introduced the annual 'Hunger Games', for which two children from each district were elected. They fought in the arena to the death, the winner could only be one - the last survivor in the 'Hunger Games'. 

Sixteen-year-old Kitnis Everdin lived in the twelfth district, mining coal for Panem. Her father died in a mine, and she at eleven years took responsibility for the life of her mother and little sister Prim. Father, secretly taught her to hunt in the woods from homemade onions, which allowed them to survive their family. And here at the Harvest for the next seventy-fourth 'Hunger Games' the lot fell on the twelve-year-old sister Prim, and Katnis volunteered for her. Confident that they will not return any more, Katnis and Pete Mellark, the guy who also fell for the lot, come to Panem to participate in the deadly games. Movies Hunger Games look at the movie, hdrezka, filmpro in good quality.

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The Hunger Games
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