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Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Metascore 53
IMDb 6,7
3 nominations
Rob Letterman
HD 720p
104 min.
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Pokemons. They just want to cuddle. There are many of them and they are different. And lovely ones. The level of “mi-mi-mi”, of course, is not the maximum, but if you are vulnerable to the manifestation of the “uti-path”, then there is enough to keep a smile. In addition, they were cool done - for everyone else who is going to transfer all sorts of "cartoons" to large screens in a similar format, I would like to wish to take an example from the creators of this film.
Comedy. But in my opinion, they miscalculated with the number of jokes - there are not so many of them. At some points, you generally forget that you are watching a slightly absurd (in a good way) entertaining movie. As a result, it turned out that a large number of the brightest jokes were already shown to us in trailers. Of course, this is, for the most part, the fault of the marketing campaign, and not the movie, but the viewer will not get better from this. I have no complaints about the quality of comedy - the humor is sweet, pleasant and harmless.
The plot of the new film revolves around a young trainer and Pokemon catcher - Tim Goodman. One day Tim receives extremely bad news about his father, who works as a policeman in Rime City, a city where Pokemon and people literally live side by side. It turned out that my father had a terrible accident, and not everything in this story is so simple. Arriving in Rime City, Tim stumbles upon a partner of his father - Pokemon Pikachu. But things take an even more unexpected turn when it turns out that a young man is able to understand Pikachu's speech. Pikachu himself calls himself an excellent detective, and is ready to investigate the disappearance of Tim's father. Well, specifically Tim has no choice but to contend with Pikachu, and set off to meet a bunch of adventures.

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