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Metascore 60
IMDb 6,3
Swim Like Hell
Alexandre Aja
HD 1080p
87 min.
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The director instantly creates a horror environment from the possible eating by a huge alligator, the murmur of water, the constant presence of a low growl take the form of an electrified baton, touching the skin with an interval of 10 minutes, the story lives on in a very spectacular presentation in which you can get lost in thoughts of immersion in a nightmare, feeling self-concealed intentions to devour you without a trace.
In general, this is a normal survival horror, which is enough to compare. This film can take its very real situation. There are storms, alligators that attack people do happen, and the fact that they can get into the house during a flood does not look so fantastic. The film shows well survival during such a situation. Yes, one of us would have acted differently, and I myself in some moments scolded the heroine for the fact that she does wrong. But think for yourself all the same, this is a very stressful situation. There is a storm, and a flood, and even alligators crawling around. It’s hard to make the right decision. So in this he is not bad.
Also, people are attracted by a certain realism of what is happening. We all understand that such a situation is very unlikely in real life, but it is much more likely than an invasion of a zombie, UFO or Godzilla. People choose what is close to them, exciting and interesting, so that you can easily imagine yourself in the place of one of the heroes.

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