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Rambo: Last Blood

Metascore 26
IMDb 6.6
His War Comes Home
Adrian Grunberg
HD 1080p
89 min.
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The protagonist, named John, suddenly encounters a psychological problem - post-traumatic syndrome. Hoping to forget the demons from the past, which now and then appeared to him in nightmares, he gets a job at a ranch located in the southwestern United States, not far from Arizona. But forgetting the myriad of brutal killings is no easy task. He makes all unthinkable efforts to force himself not to think. The guy spends all day holding a shovel. He plows the ground, mows grass, sows crops and watered seedlings. Then he cleans up the pets and fights with war pictures that pop up from time to time in the mind.

John meets the inhabitants of the farm, and after a while grandmother Maria and her very attractive granddaughter Gabriella become his best friends. The girl is a dreamy person. For many years she had imagined the day when she saw her father, who had left his family a decade ago and rode a horse to Mexico. And having reached adulthood, she mounts a horse and leaves, hoping to find the missing relative. But a week passes, and the young beauty does not send news. Rambo begins to suspect that a misfortune happened to her. Without thinking twice, he goes after his girlfriend. Rambo 5: Last Blood 2019 movie watch online for free in good quality. Enjoy watching!

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