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Gemini Man

Metascore 38
IMDb 5.7
Who will save you from yourself
Ang Lee
HD 1080p
117 min.
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Henry Brogan is an accomplished hired killer who has countless successfully completed tasks behind him. In his business, he achieved high skill. The hero of the film "Gemini" has always received many orders to eliminate people. Henry performed his work flawlessly, and management highly appreciated such a specialist. During his career, Henry accumulated enough money to live comfortably on the money, retiring. And then comes the day when the killer decides to start a new quiet life. He is no longer young, so he decides to leave his craft and enjoy a well-deserved rest. But Henry's plans were not given to come true. He suddenly discovers that he is being hunted. And he became a target for a first-class killer, not inferior in skills to himself. When the opponents manage to meet in person, the man is surprised to find that his pursuer is a copy of himself, only 20 years younger. Brogan must fight the young killer and find out where they have such a striking resemblance. A striking discovery awaits him, because the opponent will be his ... clone! And now the protagonist’s only chance to achieve his goal and leave dangerous work in the past is to defeat an improved copy of himself!

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