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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Metascore 48
IMDb 6,5
6 nominations
Only One Will Rule
Michael Dougherty
HD 1080p
132 min.
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There passed five years after accident as a result of which huge monsters destroyed San Francisco. The family Rasselov did not endure these tests: Mark left the wife Emma and the daughter Madison. Now he spends time in the State of Colorado, studying habits of wolves. And Emma continues to cooperate with the Monarkh company which tries to monitor movements of the Godzilla, and also is engaged in cultivation of new monsters. Emma improved the device created by Mark for studying of language of whales and learned to pacify underground titans. Everything went well until the group of bio-terrorists of Alan Jonah did not steal this device and did not take hostage Emma and Madison. Report about it to Mark. He hurries on revenue to members of the family. And at this time in the world the real chaos begins. From under the earth there are all new monsters, sowing destructions and death. Also they submit to call of the new king – the three-headed fire-spitting monster Gidora. Who will save Earth from elimination this time?

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