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The Parts You Lose

Metascore 47
IMDb 5.3
Christopher Cantwell
HD 1080p
93 min.
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Wesley is a teenager who is deaf and dumb since birth. He lives in a small village, which you have to get to from school not only by bus, but also on foot. Every day he walks through snow-covered glades and landings. The mother understands her son perfectly thanks to gestures, but the father believes that the guy needs to get used to the harsh living conditions. Wesley is pretty good at school, but can't stand up for herself, so classmates often scoff at him. One day, returning from school, a guy discovers a stranger in the snow. He leads to this place of his father, but nobody is already there. After some time, Wesley again meets a stranger who is hiding from the authorities. The guy decides to help him and settles the man in the barn. He wears food for him, gradually becoming attached to a stranger and getting rid of his fears ...
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