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Trauma Center

IMDb 5.2
The enemy is closer than you think
Matt Eskandari
HD 1080p
87 min.
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The thriller “Trauma Center” introduces the elements of the action movie to the seasoned lieutenant Wakes, a very vengeful police detective who is going to solve the difficult case of the murder of his partner and part-time informant, who provided him with a lot of valuable evidence that allowed him to put more than one criminal behind bars.
To solve the crime, Wakes joins forces with Madison Taylor, a female witness to the murder. She was injured during the shootout, but was able to survive. She is now in the hospital, where Wakes guards her. However, both soon find out that they are being hunted. In their wake are dangerous killers, ready to remove them at all costs. The situation is complicated due to the fact that the killers are corrupt police officers who want to hide their sins. The criminals are not going to go to jail, so they will do anything to remove the objectionable witness and his guard. Only in this way can they hide the traces of the crimes committed. Can Wakes save Madison?
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