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Metascore 64
IMDb 7,3
Nominated for 1 BAFTA Film Award.
No shield. No armor. No problem.
Peyton Reed
HD 720p
117 min.
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'Ant Man' - American film by Peyton Reed about superheroes. Henku Pima got this role, because he is the creator of an innovative costume that makes it possible for a person to find special skills. Since the years have passed, Hank is no longer young and is looking for a new hero who can replace him. The continuator of his case must have specific features of the character, and, after an hour, such a person is found. They become scam Scott Lang. Hanku is impressed by this person, and he finds him most suitable for a particular mission. Scott comes out after making and accepts a doctor's suggestion. For the fraudster, this is an unprecedented success. Scott is responsible mission - An ant (Super capability suit) should not be the property of criminals, otherwise the world will come to an end. Ahead is an important battle and Pyma has to day and night train his ward, as in confrontation with the millionaire Darren Cross, he will have to miss. His trained mini-army captures the company of the doctor, and now the technology of creating diminutive costumes in the hands of a millionaire with far-reaching plans. The former crook must save the world by making a bold robbery ...

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