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Metascore 53
IMDb 7,3
4 wins & 12 nominations
The magic comes to life
Guy Ritchie
HD 1080p
128 min.
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The plot of the movie "Aladdin" is developed in the mysterious city under Agrab's name. There lives the main character who is called Aladdin. He is a local pilferer and just tries to survive in this difficult world. And here he manages will get acquainted with the girl by the name of Jasmin. It turns out that she is a daughter of the king from whom she decided to run away. As a result of them caught together and now the main character is threatened by danger of death. But suddenly the old man who says that there is a cave with treasures addresses him and if it helps it to get them, then they will be able to begin new life. Alladin agrees to the offer, but he and to present that it will manage to find in that cave. He found strange and very shabby lamp which was strongly allocated with nothing. He wiped it to read an inscription, and at this moment from a lamp Gene appeared. He told that he will execute three any desires which the new owner will demand it from it. Same it is just remarkable, now he will be able to think all that he to him will want. As a result he decided to become the prince that will go to the palace and to win Jasmin's heart. But terrible Jafar who will not stop hunts for a lamp, will not take control of it yet. Who as a result will get this unusual thing?

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