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Toy Story 4

Metascore 84
IMDb 7.9
Get Ready To Hit The Road.
Josh Cooley
HD 1080p
100 min.
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Any child once becomes an adult. Favorite games that were madly loved in childhood are a thing of the past. Ahead of them is a serious life, but not everyone is ready for it. Toys help the owner cope with all sorts of difficulties that he has to experience for the first time.
The famous traveler has to go on an exciting journey. Buzz and his friend Woody often find themselves in unpleasant situations. They are used to helping friends, getting them out of difficult circumstances. During salvation, they often have to deal with the composure and heartlessness of people. Children spend time with toys until their parents buy a new one. Forgetting about old friends, they rejoice at the next purchase. And experienced pets are sent to the box with old things. The main characters are an example. They are used to such circumstances. However, they want to return to the old days and again become the favorites of children. Woody was fortunate enough to experience this for himself. But what if they end up with another child? Remembering life with a boy, they feel discomfort when falling into the hands of a girl. Will the main characters be able to regain a worthy master? Now we offer you a cartoon Toy Story 4 (2019) watch online free in high quality hd 720.

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