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Good Boys

Metascore 60
IMDb 6.7
One Bad Decision Leads to Another
Gene Stupnitsky
HD 1080p
90 min.
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At the center of youth comedy events are three best friends - Max, Thor and Lucas. They are ordinary 12-year-olds who no longer want to be children and tend to grow up as quickly as possible. However, they are still far from this, despite impatience. They scare the children’s porn films, no one has tried alcohol yet, and they take sex dolls for ordinary “mannequins with strangenesses”. But this does not stop friends from dreaming to grow up as quickly as possible. And in the near future they will have such an opportunity. High school students from their school are having a party, which the children have to go to because of the act of Max, who managed to invite the most beautiful girl in the school to the “party”. But none of the friends had been to such events before, so they don’t even know how to behave. In order not to be disgraced in front of their peers, the guys decide to start small - learn to kiss. This seemingly simple task becomes the cause of dizzying misadventures. First, Thor and Lucas break the parent drone, with which they tried to track the adult neighbor, and then Max gets involved in a difficult story with drugs and beer! Did the boys expect adulthood to be so complicated and confusing?

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