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The Wizard of Lies

IMDb 6,8
Nominated for 2 Golden Globes.
Barry Levinson
HD 720p
133 min.
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A busy biographical crime film tells a dynamic story of the fate of a brilliant swindler and the genius of his dashing affair named Berdi Madoff. The film, based on real events, will allow us to imbue ourselves with complex peripeteias in the life path of the person who from scratch has organized an amazing financial and financial scheme, which has brought him incredible success and a lot of troubles. History knows a lot of skillful cunning and elusive swindlers, but the formation of Madoff is a truly special case that goes beyond all the limits of the reasonable. Bernard managed to unbelievably cobble a fortune from an empty place, he attracted his family and close relatives to his business. Everything began with a great despair and a thirst to escape from the vicious circle of pitch-black poverty. Bernie was an ordinary boy from a poor Jewish family, in which there was never any extra money. The boy knew from an early age that he could help himself only by himself, working with excessive work, or inventing something unique that had not happened before. He did not stand out among other classmates, did not possess outstanding intellectual abilities either in school or in higher education. Like all young people, while studying, he was looking for work-offs to feed himself and has the opportunity to get out somewhere in his spare time. The guy was a local rescuer. After podnakopiv little money, the boy made a firm decision to open his office. For a fairly short period of time, the young man was lucky to unleash his investment fund. Just before our eyes, the institution developed and was bearing fruit. Soon, Bernard's organization conquered all of Wall Street, and Mr. Maydoff became one of the largest and most promising financier they only knew in the United States of America. But not everything went cloudless. It's time to pay for the lightning rise. In America, there is a financial crisis, the clients are ruined, men strive to withdraw their investments back, and the bewildered hero simply has nothing to offer them. Then, crushed by the latest incidents, the father of a large family is forced to disclose all the cards in front of his children. He admits that his epic craft is a technically planned financial pyramid, an ordinary scam honed to the smallest detail. When the FBI staff learns about all this, the central character of the film is announced to have a colossal prison term of 150 years imprisonment. Now the brutal massacre threatens all members of the family of the schemer. Not finding an outlet to nervous tension, one of the sons scores with life, the second puts a terrible diagnosis - cancer in inoperable form ...

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