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IMDb 7,2
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It's not a dead end if it takes you somewhere you needed to go
Brent McCorkle
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92 min.
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The film is based on real events and is dedicated to the beautiful soul of a man named Joe Bradford. He grew up without a father in a small village west of Nashville, where poverty was a daily routine, after college he went to jail for hacking a computer, but the worst was ahead of him - a hard time fighting kidney disease. The slogan of the picture reads: "This is not a dead end if it leads in the direction you should go." Many people burdened with life's difficulties give up, but Joe, on the contrary, withstood and decided to inspire the world.

In 2005, Joe Bradford founded the ministry Heart of Elijah, a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to help and give love to children from dysfunctional families. This touching story fits in a few words that are called the autobiographical book  “Walk of love”. Both the book and the film carry an important humanistic message: everyone in the heart has a love that can generate a desire to help others, just some do not know about it yet.

In the center of the story of the film is a talented writer of children's stories and part-time beloved woman Billy (Diego Klattenhoff) - Samantha Crawford (Lynn Collins). This is done in order to show that the organization of Joe not only helps children, but also has a beneficial effect on the fate of all involved. Many, helping others, lead their own struggles, just as happened with the main character, whose world was destroyed in a moment by a senseless act of violence. In this regard, the words from the story about the Twinkle symbolically sound: “The storm is waiting for you. You must look at her. ” Samantha experienced emotional pain, elevated to absolute absolute despair, but it was thanks to this pain in the future that she was able to acutely feel the value of life.

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