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Fighting with My Family

Metascore 68
IMDb 7.1
A Comedy About a Family That Fights a Little Differently
Stephen Merchant
HD 1080p
108 min.
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The film is based on real events and about the British wrestler Sarai-Jade Bevis, acting under the name Paige. About what she was able to achieve in sports at the age of 19. I never really got interested in watching wrestling, I used to see several wrestler fights on the Internet, but for me it was more a clownery, a theatrical production and it was difficult for me to perceive this as a sport. Having watched the film, inevitably you decide to take this sport more seriously, I did not think that their training is so serious and that it is not so simple as it seems.

Sports dramas always attract attention - it is interesting to observe how a person overcomes himself mentally and physically in order to achieve success or to be disappointed in his choice. In the film we see a family that is not ordinary both externally and internally. Patrick is a former wrestler, the father of the family and it is not difficult to guess that he did everything possible for the children to follow in his footsteps, Julia is a beautiful mother. Zack and Sarai are the same children who have been engaged in wrestling since childhood and who dream of getting into the wrestling association. And when they have such an opportunity, they do everything possible so as not to miss their chance, but not all of them are destined to get into the real world of wrestling. On the one hand, this is an ugly family, dressing in the style of rockers, but at the same time taking care of their children, supporting them in any situation, no matter what decisions the children make and what actions they do not commit. Therefore, children have grown so stubborn in achieving their goals. It was a pity for Zach, he was so worried, for a long time he could not find a place in life and could not set priorities, but he managed and continued to do what was fun. And Sarai is really a fighter, I admire her aspirations and perseverance.

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