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Jersey Girl

IMDb 6,2
2 wins & 7 nominations.
Forget about who you thought you were, and just accept who you are.
Kevin Smith
HD 720p
102 min.
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So sometimes it would be desirable to sit down at the weekend at the big screen and to look kind, home film, let even if it is usual melodrama. The film - Jersey Girl is perfect for family watching. 
The plot of the film is based on the story of a young guy who, at the peak of his career, lost all his prestigious work and his beautiful wife in a flash, left with a tiny daughter in his arms. Fortunately, that there are native people who will support in a difficult minute. A great selection of actors, which is only worth playing the little Gerti Trinqui (Raquel Castro). How she perfectly conveyed to the viewer feelings of joy, love, hatred and anger. There is a lot to learn in the film, both from adults and children, an episode with a neighbor boy and the situation in the shower, it shows how to solve such excesses famously, and a usual, quiet conversation in the waiting room with an outsider will quickly come to the heart than swearing with relatives. Everyone in this film will find themselves or for themselves. At a young age you will look - you will say, '.. yes, a funny film, there is something to laugh at!' A family man or someone who thinks about a family will see in him absolutely his own and in places where you can laugh, maybe even cry. A good film, makes you think, put priorities before you, what a family is for you, and what work is for you. Having lost this or that with what you will remain, after all having lost work you will find another, but if you lose a family ...

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