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Something's Gotta Give

Metascore 66
IMDb 6.7
Nominated for 1 Oscar.
Nancy Meyers
128 min.
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "Something's Gotta Give":

Something's Gotta Give almost no young man is in love with a young girl and he is already in her mother's house and then a heart attack happens to him. A doctor comes who falls in love with the mother of this girl Eric. But not everything is so simple, because the main character is not ready to give it up so easily, because he also fell in love with her. And now the struggle of two men for one woman, and what a young girl, after all, my mother almost took her lover from her. What will this convoluted polygon turn into or is it already a triangle? What awaits the heroes? The actor who starred, Jack Nicholson, even refused to shoot in 'Bad Santa' to star in this film. Script writer Nancy Myers, when writing the script, saw him for the main role, so we can say that the role was created specifically for him. And actress Diane Keaton, well conveyed the image of her character. She was awarded the Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Oscar, as well as in the US Screen Actors Guild nomination. The shooting lasted from February to July 2003, taking place in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, New York and Paris.

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