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American Pie Presents the Book of Love

IMDb 4,8
It's the hottest slice yet!
John Putch
93 min.
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "American Pie Presents the Book of Love":

And 10 years after the events of the first part of the picture occurred, teenagers in school still worry about the same problems. The heroes of the picture 'American Pie 7: The Book of Love', like their distant predecessors, are still virgins. None of them has never had sex with a girl. And, like the heroes of the first picture, the students of Great Falls, Nathan, Rob and Lob decide to fix this situation as soon as possible. 
Numerous clumsy and not entirely successful attempts lead to the fact that friends almost set fire to the school library. In carrying out the mission entrusted to them to clean up the arranged bedlam, the guys find an old school relic. This is a book written by pupils of the school for many years. It describes the experience of the guys in seducing the girls. Priceless information is very interesting and friends would gladly experience them in practice. But the book was badly damaged. And the guys decide to restore the lost pages. 
How will their journey end and will any of them ever return from this tour as a virgin?

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