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Lemonade Mouth

IMDb 7,0
2 nominations.
Patricia Riggen
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103 min.
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The musical 'Lemonade Mouth' was shot on the work of Mark Peter Hughes specifically for television. A musical drama about how five teenage friends created their group, and they were inspired by their vending machine for selling soda water. Then the members of the group 'Lemonade Mouth' took part in the school show, became famous and even found their fans. Further, friends conflict with the headmaster, experience ups and downs, quarrel, make up, study, fall in love, and rehearse all the time. Speak at the local youth cafes and on the radio, strive to win the competition for young stars. Bright and kind film 'Lemonade mouth' completely in the spirit of Disney, about music, friendship, and love. It is perfect for family viewing. Bridget Mendler, who played the main character Olivia White, a talented singer with a stage apprehension, showed interest in acting as early as eight years. Became the youngest performer at the Fringe Festival in San Francisco. The first agent for her was hired when she was 11 years old. The magnificent and memorable soundtrack of Christopher Joseph Lennerets. No less drivey and windy music than the composer's glorified themes for the films 'Alvin and the Chipmunks', 'Earthen Riot', 'Imperfect Bosses', as well as melodies for various television shows and video games.

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