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Just in Time for Christmas

IMDb 6.6
Sean McNamara
HD 720p
96 min.
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "Just in Time for Christmas":

Lindsay is a very successful person. The main character of the film 'Just in Time for Christmas' has a good job, where it is respected and loved, there is a beautiful young man. In general, the girl suited everything, and fate seemed bright and supportive. Moreover, on the eve of the expected holiday, Jason invited his friend to celebrate the event in the most expensive city restaurant, but before the very date the teacher received a phone call from the head. 
Dean says that from now on Lindsay can go to teach in Yales - the most prestigious educational institution, opening untold prospects for teachers. Dream job, not otherwise, but if Miss Rogers agrees to the offer, then she will have to part with Jason, who made an offer during the meeting. What to choose: love or career? An age-old problem for all people, because there is not enough time for either one or the other. 
Tormented by doubts about the choice, Lindsay meets a strange old cabman who sends a new acquaintance for several years ahead. The girl is in the future and can now observe what fate awaits her after the final choice. Far from everyone is given a second chance, but the main heroine of the presented film received it.

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