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Brigsby Bear

Metascore 68
IMDb 7.4
4 wins & 9 nominations.
Dave McCary
HD 720p
97 min.
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James lives with his parents in the dungeon. Every day he sees how his father puts on a gas mask and goes to work. The most favorite thing for a guy is watching a cognitive series about a cute bear Brigsby. James leads a blog where he shares his thoughts with the fans of the cartoon. One day, policemen burst into the house, they are handcuffed to Ted and April, and their son is taken to the street, where he is surprised to learn that it is quite safe to breathe air. 
The guy was stolen from the hospital and was kept locked up for a quarter of a century, he is absolutely not adapted to life among people. The main character is brought to the police station, where detective Vogel says that the Mitchum were not his parents. James is passed on to the real father and mother, Greg and Louise Pope. Psychiatrist Emily told the patient that his virtual friends did not actually exist, and the series was filmed by Ted, and James was his only spectator. 
Listening to all these horrific news, the guy does not cease to wonder - who will shoot the sequel to Brigsby? Aubrey's friend, daughter Pope, turned out to be a director, he promises to help shoot new episodes. Uploaded on YouTube, already ready-made series is a resounding success. This is not a proof of the normality of James, who is placed in a psychiatric hospital.

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