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Destination Wedding

Metascore 46
IMDb 6,1
Victor Levin
HD 720p
1h 30min min.
film poster Destination Wedding
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "Destination Wedding":

Fate is sometimes very unpredictable, and nobody has the strength to predict its further turn. For some, she carries a lot of surprises, and for someone long-awaited happiness after a long time spent alone and ace. In the movie 'Destination Wedding' two lonely young people come across a random coincidence. Lindsay and Frank were invited to a wedding. The main characters are not yet familiar, but each of them pursues personal goals, going to the wedding. The girl wants to see her former bridegroom, to put a point in her relationship forever, and the boy is going to meet with his brother. By the will of fate young people are facing each other. For the first time they accidentally meet on an airplane, then ride in the same taxi, settle in the adjoining rooms of the hotel, and during the celebration are found at one table. By finding common themes for conversations, they make every effort not to attract the attention of others. The protagonists are aware that they are already tired of each other, but the celebration will not end soon.

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