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Metascore 54
IMDb 7,2
Sometimes Love Lets You Keep The Change
Sean Ellis
HD 720p
102 min.
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Working on a night shift, Ben discovers an amazing ability to stop time. The world, as it were, freezes at a pause, to which we are so accustomed to watching films on DVD, just click on the remote control and voila. Now imagine that the same thing can be done in real life. Ben begins to use the appropriate conditions for creativity, is engaged in painting between the food rows of the supermarket.
The time shown in the film coincides with the past, and from that moment a new life begins for Ben, a life that he madly wants to live with only one person, with his beloved. With the girl who once sat at the checkout in the supermarket, who wanted to become a therapist in her youth, the one who learns Spanish to see other countries, the girl who goes to her goal.
“Instant! Oh, how wonderful you are, wait a moment! ”Perhaps this would be enough to comment on the film. But I want to add a little bit. The film is without a doubt beautiful, this is its main charm. He is poetic and prosaic in some places where poetry is felt - you see the whole beauty of the tape, its musicality, its picture, its influence on sensation and perception, and prose is like a reflection of the everyday life that surrounds us - the way it is . Romance and routine. The protagonist easily and even easily speaks to us about the most complex things, difficult and deep, sometimes through humor and self-irony - to deep and secret thoughts and dreams. He, as it were, simply invites us to join what he sees, what he feels and knows what he owns. He easily reveals his secret to us, trusting the secret of stopping time. Very soon you realize that the main character uses this skill in order to once again, again and again comprehend new aspects and facets of the Beauty of the world around him. And he, being a real artist, teaches us to appreciate the second-second of this enduring Beauty that surrounds us. He shows us that if you don’t know how to find and recognize the beauty around you in time, then you will inevitably lose it in yourself, in fuss and stupor, passing by, perhaps, own Fate.

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