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Metascore 48
IMDb 6,3
Santa's daughter finds herself having to take over the family business.
Marc Lawrence
HD 720p
100 min.
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The family comedy "Nicole" with fantasy elements begins its development at the moment when Chris Kringle, who has been accustomed to the role of Santa Claus for many years, decides to resign to rest and allow the new generation to replace him. And soon Chris reports that he will hand over the reins of government to his son Nick. However, he is not too confident in his abilities and because of this he can hardly withstand the problems that have fallen on him.

When Noel, Nick’s sister, notices that his brother is in a stressful situation, she offers him to rest and take at least one day off. Nick agrees. Noel becomes his replacement. However, for her this role is even more difficult due to the fact that she has never been outside the North Pole, where she spent her whole life. The situation becomes critical at the moment when Noel learns that Nick is not going to return. And now she has to go in search of him to convince that Christmas without him would be destroyed. Meanwhile, their brother is going to turn Santa’s workshop into a delivery service.

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