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Metascore 79
IMDb 6.6
Inspired by a True Story
Lorene Scafaria
HD 1080p
110 min.
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The story of girls with an unprecedented in appearance beauty. They are able to seduce anyone, if they so wish. A slender figure, a sexy look and the ability to move on stage are the trump cards of the girlfriends who connected their lives with pole dancing. But they can’t be called ordinary strippers, since they do not appear at all in third-rate bars, in which girls are humiliated for pennies. The main characters are elite dancers performing for Wall Street bigwigs. Only their most wealthy citizens working in the banking sector can enjoy their beautiful bodies.
Over the years that friends spent at work, they managed to put together good amounts of money. And now they can afford the glamorous life that they dreamed of so much in their youth. It seemed that they were waiting for a carefree future, since the savings allowed them to spend money without hesitation. Everything changed when the bank employees left them penniless. The reason for this was the financial crisis, which seriously hit many countries of the world. The people on Wall Street, whom citizens trusted so much, tricked customers into leaving money to save their own skins from bankruptcy. But the strippers do not intend to put up with the situation ...
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