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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Metascore 88
IMDb 8,2
Top Rated Movies #147 | Won 2 Oscars. Another 121 wins & 222 nominations
Martin McDonagh
HD 1080p
115 min.
film poster Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
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The synopsis does not promise anything interesting at all: a woman mourning her daughter, whose murder has not been solved, turns to the sheriff through billboards on the village road, thereby causing dissatisfaction with the police. It smacks of a boring drama about lazy inactive cops. But not everything is so simple, because the venerable playwright Martin MacDon got down to business.
Martin uses all his favorite elements - suicides, fights, dwarfs, gray landscapes - but he collects from them a completely new unpredictable puzzle. Where in the next moment his story will turn is completely impossible to predict. Yes, the plot has a couple of very strained moves, when the heroes are very obsessively pushed to the right place. But this is fully justified by the most powerful dramaturgy of the characters, which the director builds. You clenched your fists, worry about the man whom you literally just hated to grind your teeth, and who started out with just a funny crook. And so with almost all the characters. As a result, the film keeps releasing to the very credits.
In its best traditions, MacDona organically intertwines drama and comedy so that in places you just don't know whether to cry or laugh. As a result, the film is both deep and light, funny and piercing. Leaving a long finish and thought-provoking, it does not seem heavy and depressing.
Inaction from the police station makes a desperate mother who has lost her daughter take extreme measures. After the crime, several months passed, but the mother does not give up. By renting billboards at the entrance to the city, the woman tries to reach the policemen in another way, shame them and show pointless excuses to the public.
Three billboards. Three phrases thrown into the face of the rule of law. A few months of silence, jokes, jokes and then ... people broke through. The effect of the placement should be incredible. The excitement covers not only the police, but the whole city. Here is an example of how the word can achieve more results than scandals and suppression of the law. The atmosphere of the film is damn good, the tension does not leave a single hero.

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