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A Streetcar Named Desire

IMDb 8,0
Won 4 Oscars.
THE PULITZER PRIZE PLAY of New Orleans' Latin Quarter...of a Lonely Girl...of Emotions Gone Savage!
Elia Kazan
HD 720p
122 min.
film poster A Streetcar Named Desire
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "A Streetcar Named Desire":

The film 'A Streetcar Named Desire' is a classic of American cinema, recognized throughout the world. The picture is very bold and to a certain extent a little bold by the standards of the 50's. The film was nominated for 12 'Oscars' and became in fact the standard for American filmmakers. The film is a screen version of a very famous play written by Tennessee Williams, who survived a lot of theatrical productions and adaptations, but still provokes the emergence of a lot of emotions and different interpretations. The role of the main character Blanche DuBois is performed by the unsurpassed Vivien Leigh. Not very young, but still charming Blanche decides to visit her pregnant sister Stella in New Orleans, who lives in the local poor neighborhood with her husband Stanley, played by the attractive Marlon Brando. The girl tells her sister that she quit her job, she has absolutely no money and she has nowhere to live. Rough Stanley did not like Blanche at once because of her inappropriate coquetry and addiction to alcohol. Very soon the girl has a fan and an easy hope of marriage, but Stanley intends to frustrate the engagement of young people ...

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