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The Secret Scripture

IMDb 6,7
1 win.
At the end of your life, what will you remember?
Jim Sheridan
HD 720p
108 min.
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Once Rosanna McNulty was a cheerful beauty and an incorrigible optimist, whose benevolence was genuinely admired by others. However, fate was unfriendly to her, and as a result of a series of tragic events Rosanna was in a mental hospital. In the walls of the gloomy hospital, the heroine of the film 'Tablets of Fate' spent most of her bleak life, and soon she turned into a lonely and silent woman, which even the staff of the establishment often forgot. 

A perennial patient has become familiar to the staff of the clinic, who have long forgotten, when and under what circumstances she came to them. However, the appearance of a new chief physician, Green, changed Rosanna's modest life, which had the last chance of a happy life. The patient's story interested the specialist, and began to give her a lot of attention and working time. Soon Dr. Green discovered a patient's diary in which she frankly told about all the events that had happened to her over the past few decades. On the pages of this notebook is stored the story of life and love of a mysterious woman who fell victim to cruel intrigues ...

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