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An Affair to Remember

IMDb 7,6
Nominated for 4 Oscars.
Leo McCarey
HD 720p
115 min.
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "An Affair to Remember":

A classic story about how meeting two random people can change their measured lives, literally hurling into the whirlpool of boiling passions. The young charming Lovelace Nikki Ferrante shortly before the wedding gets acquainted with the charming singer Terri Mackay, and unexpectedly loses her head for love. Terry, being betrothed, like her newfound boyfriend, at first opposes the reciprocity that arises in her, hiding her behind a mask of cold inaccessibility. But since both travel on the same ship that crosses the Atlantic, and Nikki is wise and persistent, the turbulent romance flares up and rapidly develops. At some point, the journey is coming to an end, and the characters are forced to part, promising each other to meet again only six months later on the roof of the Empire State Building, and even if their feelings are just as strong. From this moment in their lives, changes begin, on which they are decided after their fateful acquaintance. The brightest actor blowing Hollywood actors, Kerry Grant and Deborah Kerr, gives an unforgettable experience of viewing, repeatedly amplifying those light and sublime emotions that their characters experience in the film.

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