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Rachel Getting Married

Metascore 82
IMDb 6.7
Nominated for 1 Oscar.
Jonathan Demme
HD 720p
113 min.
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "Rachel Getting Married":

The film 'Rachel Getting Married' was created in 2008 by the best American filmmakers. The director of this rather original melodrama was Jonathan Demme. In this film, the relations of two sisters and their relatives are very clearly reflected, while these relations are far from ideal. Thanks to the excellent work of the entire film crew, the film received several nominations for various awards. For example, Anne Hathaway has a nomination in the category 'Best Actress' in 'Golden Globe' and 'Oscar', and this undoubtedly indicates a high level of production of the picture. In the film, we'll talk about the once well-known model, which is called Kim. Because of her addiction to drugs, she spent the last few years on rehabilitation in the clinic. After leaving her, Kim learns that her sister is soon scheduled for a wedding and decides to go to her, in order to establish relationships with her and the whole family. But everything turned out to be not so simple, in the process of clarifying the relationship, the secrets of the family come to the surface, which everyone does not want to talk about ...

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