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The Childhood of a Leader

Metascore 68
IMDb 6,2
5 wins & 12 nominations.
Brady Corbet
HD 1080p
115 min.
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "The Childhood of a Leader":

The film takes place in 1918 in France, participating in the devastating First World War, which swept across Europe with a real ruthless machine of destruction. 
A small blond American boy named Prescott, acutely suffering from a lack of parental attention, lives in a small country estate with his family. His father, being an incredibly busy man, works for the government of the United States, participating in the creation of the Treaty of Versailles. Once at home, he prefers to spend time in the company of a young widower, Charles, a family friend, playing billiards with him periodically, listening to his arguments about the immanence of violence. 
The guy's mother, not going to give him too much attention, delegated his education to the cook and a local girl from a nearby village that teaches the growing boy the French language. 
At that moment, left without sensitive parental care, the boy could not even imagine that the events he had experienced in the near future would have an indelible influence on the formation of his future personality and convictions, giving rise to the makings of a future tyrant in his mind.

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