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Metascore 59
IMDb 7,5
2 wins & 8 nominations.
Everything is possible when you open your mind
Neil Burger
105 min.
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You have one small pill in your hands, and you are told that if you take it, then for one day you will gain powers that you did not even know about. It’s hard to believe in it, and medicine is not capable of it yet, but if it were for real, I think very many people would rush to shops and give everything in order to get it. And the result is finally presented in this movie. In general, it is surprising that a similar idea about some drug or agent that could instantly change a person’s life has been used more than once before. Yes, and I believe that this topic is relevant in itself, and it would be nice if in the near future we created such things that could make us people much smarter, stronger and generally better in all qualities and parameters.
However, one weighty “but” arises. Namely, the consequences, which are also clearly presented in this film. It seems that you think that life has just begun, you can have fun at your pleasure, ride beautiful girls on cars, play games in the casino and not be afraid to lose, sell stocks every day and get double big profits. All this instantly disappears, and you yourself forget about it, and you are ready to quit it all, if only the consequences cease. The NZT tablet itself is a useful thing, and the main character, by the way, before accepting it, thought, although not enough, but still thought about what would happen next, but the choice remained with him.
I can not say about the promotion of "pills." There are such pseudo-intellectuals that, after watching the movie, they will go look for NZT and “expand their consciousness” because people are like that. But since we, as intelligent and erudite people, at least we like to think so, we will not take pills as tablets, or as physical things, but as a push, some kind of event, a secret of success that helps us to get on our feet. When we talk about our secret, others want to take it over.
Interesting ... cool ... cool ... no, let's get started. Exciting, exciting and incredibly dynamic! This is what the main tablet does in short, around which the main plot of the film revolves. NZT is a miracle drug, a miracle of vitamin, for which you can kill, steal, lie, sell. The most mortal sins are committed in the name of not such a sinful purpose. NZT instantly makes everything gray bright and attractive. It seemed that forever immersed in their vicious being, people suddenly transformed and set themselves tasks that would please any mother immensely loving her child. To become a businessman or a successful politician is what, in principle, is the prototype of a better life. So what is the film about, the main crime of society or its impeccability? ..

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