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Wicker Park

Metascore 40
IMDb 7,0
One passion won't be ignored. One love won't be forgotten.
Paul McGuigan
HD 720p
114 min.
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Diane Kruger. That same girl. Dancer. I was just fascinated by her character! Each frame with her participation is pure femininity! Seeing her, I believed that because of such a woman it was not difficult to lose her head.
Rose Byrne. The most interesting and controversial character in the film. Pretty strange girl, whose character is revealed during the film.
Byrne coped with her role perfectly! Perhaps the most powerful acting in the entire ensemble is interesting, emotional, convincing.
"Wicker Park" causes a huge gamut of feelings, mainly because of Alex.
First, I defined her as a selfish, disgusting. Then to this I added another “miserable” one. Indeed, the example of Alex is something that the enemy does not want, she loves the one who does not notice her, and will never fall in love, who is happy with her friend. Surely one could feel pity for her, if not for this.
Matthew Lillard A friend of the protagonist, concurrently in love with the young actress Alex. Lillard did not have to strain at all, because his character of a charming gouging, stuck at the age of a sophomore, wanders with him from one picture to another. But it is nevertheless pleasant to look at him.

"Wicker Park" is a great drama that plays on spectator carelessness and emotionality. With each scene, adding pace and not slowing it down to the very end.

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