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Cruel Intentions

Metascore 56
IMDb 6,8
In the game of seduction, there is only one rule: Never fall in love.
Roger Kumble
HD 720p
97 min.
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Sebastian is a spoiled, spoiled child. He saw a lot and did not see anything. Before Annette in his life there were only accessible bitch and virgin lambs. Who was he to choose when everything was tried? A boy with a difficult fate. Once in childhood, he was hit hard on the head with a divorce, and presented to the arrogant half-sister, whom he hated. A good actor, Sebastian, how clearly he planned his games as a strategist. He, like a spider, launched his poison into the body of the victim, poisoned her, and then entangled her lifeless body with a web of lies, sex and contempt.

Sebastian, a man who only recognizes his truth, his lifestyle and his priorities, stepping on the throat of anyone who gets in his way. But behind the external moral force lies a clogged, corralled little man who knows nothing in this world. He weaved too complex a web, into which he himself fell ...

Annette is an excellent student and clever, daddy's daughter who does not want to play stupid games. But this game itself chooses its players. They have no right, Annette simply had no choice. Being driven into a corner of passions, she had to accept the conditions. But surrendering to the course of events, she somehow tried to resist. Like Ostrovsky in Storm, Annette was a “ray of light in the dark kingdom” (c), which terribly infuriated Katherine, the one who had been the queen of the ball for many years, without lifting her elastic ass from the throne.
Katherine herself personally planned the plan of her overthrow from the throne, naively hoping that her cocaine life would remain the most ideal in the world. And her blue corridors will devour hundreds of young men and women, destroying the foundation of the foundations. In my opinion, Katherine has chosen too difficult a way to get rid of competitors. Female jealousy and revenge is a terrible force that will ultimately destroy its owner. But, probably, Katherine did not read the classics at the time, and stumbled on this. She came across a harmless girl Annette. Katherine, how deeply you are mired in lies and debauchery that you could not make out an excellent war.
Gellar - played her part better than anyone else. The role of a "bloodthirsty", brutal, petty and selfish girl. But she was able to show how strong one must be in order to possess such qualities. She showed how you can get tired of this, how you can get tired of cheap life intrigues.

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