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Basic Instinct

Metascore 41
IMDb 6,9
Flesh seduces. Passion kills
Paul Verhoeven
HD 720p
127 min.
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The “Basic Instinct” brought the Douglas Stone on-screen duo world-wide by making them sex symbols, at least from Michael Douglas for sure. In the future, in his filmography there will be a couple of similar roles. Michael Douglas in the role of detective Nick Carren looks damn convincing. Here you can feel the interest of his character, emotions, emotions and of course the passion for the main character. You can criticize the hero of Douglas, shout "Guy what are you doing ?! She plays you! ”, But all this is immediately forgotten when Sharon Stone appears on the screen. I imagine what responsibility lay before Paul Verhoeven, because he needed to find an actress for this far from ordinary role. And between us, old Paul, I never lost. Sharon Stone is the perfect choice! Real Femme Fatale! Looking at her, you understand what the hero of Douglas experienced and why he behaved like that. Stone has become so accustomed to this image that many still associate it with her heroine Katherine. Well, I don’t even know what else to say, you just need to watch the movie to understand how brilliantly it played. Bravo! In their tandem, Stone is definitely on top!

The film has a great atmosphere. A complicated story, the intensity of emotions, passion, all this is enough in the film with interest. He simply draws in himself from the very first minutes, into the world of passion, betrayal, intrigue and death. In general, an excellent cocktail of various ingredients. The main intrigue of ala “who is the killer?” Is preserved and sustained in the best traditions of the detective - that is, until the very end of the film.
“Basic Instinct” is undoubtedly a film of the last century. And the thing is not only that it was shot 20 years ago, but the fact that in these 20 years it is inevitably outdated. A whole era has gone and if in other paintings of the 90s this is not felt so clearly, then by the “Basic Instinct” you can see the development and collapse of one of the most provocative ideas of the twentieth century.

The game of the actors, some features of the shooting, the detective story - all this looks very archaic and ridiculous for moments, but not without reason at the end of the film we are not given an exact answer who the killer is. Thus, the picture nevertheless puts social issues in the first place, which, however, you will not immediately notice. And if you look at what we saw in the “Basic Instinct”, then some aspects of our modern society will become clear.

The funniest thing, in my opinion, is how the topic of psychologists is revealed in the film. These are the all-knowing Freudians, without whom no one can do, who pour their authoritative opinions on and without, and, of course, the main characters received just a psychological education. And at the Faculty of Psychology, of course, they were taught how to manipulate people. From this we see that the authority of psychology as a science in the early 90s was still unshakable and a psychologist diploma meant that a person comprehended all the secrets of the universe and is now almost omnipotent. In this regard, Dr. Garner, who was raped once and five times thrown, is especially noteworthy. Here is a manipulator, so a manipulator. But on the other hand, this gives us a complete picture of why every near-by girl strives to get a coveted psychologist diploma. All this is a deplorable fashion of the 90s and a sweet illusion of the limitless possibilities of brainwashing.

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