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Basic Instinct 2

Metascore 26
IMDb 4,3
Sometimes Obsession Can Be Murder
Michael Caton-Jones
HD 720p
114 min.
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Basic Instinct 2 is Katherine with an icy gaze and a cold soul. This is a redraw of the same plot with the introduction of new faces. This is the same thriller with elements of eroticism and a detective base. But in the first part there is intrigue, but here it is completely absent. There was a knife for chopping ice and one main murder, around which the whole action took place. There is no tool, as such, a bunch of crimes, of which not one attracts attention and each character is a suspect. Therefore, during the viewing, none of the actors are attracted, and the eyes glide from one person to another, without delaying for a long time. And the viewer simply does not have time to enjoy the moment.
A new accusation hangs on the heroine Sharon Stone: a person died through her fault, and this is only because she wanted to get sexual satisfaction when driving at a speed of 110 km / h. She can be found guilty of the death of her passenger and drug use, in addition, they can recognize her as harmful to herself. The greater the risk, the greater her awareness of omnipotence. Later, at a reception with a psychiatrist, the heroine will tell you that for a long time she was haunted by a fantasy about what she eventually did (although she brought herself to orgasm while driving, and not the guy brought her). Then comes the murder of the guy of the ex-wife of a psychiatrist who conducts Katherine’s appointments, and under suspicion both the psychiatrist and Katherine, who successfully subjugates the will of the doctor, asking the psychiatrist shameless questions, and it feels like she is not at his appointment, but vice versa. Katherine sinks into brothels and lesbian intrigues, she has the gift of dusting people's brains, and because of her new crimes are committed, and innocent people are suspected. And the psychiatrist, initially outraged by Katherine's antics, seems to be fascinated by this special one, and not escape a chic, frank scene. And after all the intrigues, Katherine comes out that she was not to blame, although everything points to her, but the psychiatrist is guilty, who can not choose between passion and the desire to expose the criminal. The ending combines absurdity and genius.
An impeccably shot, mounted and correctly inscribed in the general film structure bed scene is a very rare thing. And the scene - the scene is different. Each individual genre or subgenre has its own requirements for the parameters of the correct presentation of sex on the screen. But "Instinct-2" is a bad film, and therefore the bed scenes in it are an even more separate story. Here, our favorite fuck with genre does not overlap at all, since it (fuck) is as traditionally banal-secondary as the film itself is. And if in the first “Instinct” it was through the bed that the main story lines passed, then in the second it plays a purely decorative role. In short, all this collective farm perepihalovo absolutely redundant and has essentially no relation to the plot. If Comrade the director was interested in the more or less high quality of his product, then, probably, he would give Perepihalov a style that is more or less characteristic of such films. That is, the fuck was supposed to be aggressive, crazy, loud, tough, frightening, cruel, animal, and at the same time painted in dark-Gothic tones - in other words, clearly showing a person his hidden animal essence with a touch of mandatory sur-ero in this case -Mysticism. It would be so if the film was a masterpiece. But this - even a cannon shot is not a masterpiece.

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