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The Goldfinch

Metascore 40
IMDb 6.3
The Story of a Stolen Life
John Crowley
HD 1080p
149 min.
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About what the film Goldfinch: A single mother makes every effort to make of her own thirteen-year-old son named Theodore a real man who in the future will grow up to be a good person and will be useful to society. Once she decides to visit the opened Museum of Fine Arts in her hometown of New York. <br> Acting characters calmly examined the masterpieces of many famous artists, as at an unexpected moment in time there is a strong explosion. The main character incredibly manages to avoid death, but his mother was much less fortunate. The woman was injured incompatible with life and died on the spot. In his death throes, nearby lay a man who asked the boy to approach him. <br> The stranger hands Theodore a certain picture and asks imperceptibly from the people around him to take it out of the building. According to preliminary calculations, this work costs millions of American dollars. From this moment, the fate of the guy radically changes shape. He is faced with a harsh underground world directly related to art. And making great efforts, she is trying to survive the trauma resulting from the death of her mother. Now you can film The Goldfinch (2019) watch online free in high quality hd 720.

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