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Doctor Sleep

Metascore 59
IMDb 7.6
Dare to go back.
Mike Flanagan
HD 1080p
152 min.
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To sleep harder and not see the scary lady from the bathroom of the damned hotel, Danny takes a horse dose of alcohol. The supernatural gift no longer “shines,” almost goes out. But it helps to lull the restless residents of the hospital for hopelessly sick old people. Patients love an attentive orderly, next to whom all their experiences for inexplicable reasons go by the wayside. For the sake of working at the hospice, Torrance fights the temptation to knock over a glass of whiskey. It is important to stay in a sober mind. Soon, a girl with the ability to overcome distances with the power of thought associates with a clairvoyant. Abra started with innocent greetings with emoticons, and then shared the secret - a woman in a hat watches her from afar. The stranger conceived the evil, and the baby needs help. Feeling that there is a connection between them, Danny decides to go to the distant northern city to help Abra.

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