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The Perfection

Metascore 60
IMDb 6.1
It's Time to Face the Music
Richard Shepard
HD 1080p
90 min.
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Healthy competition is always good, because it encourages us to do something better, improve and succeed. But if everything goes too far, there is no danger. The protagonists of the movie Perfection are the gifted musicians of Charlotte and Lizzy. The first graduated from music school a couple of years ago, and the second is still ahead, because now she is the star of that very educational institution. It would seem that they have nothing to share, but both are ready to fight for a place in the sun. Going on a journey, girls encounter demons within themselves who have taken possession of the mind and are ready to drive them crazy. Lizzy is obsessed with something unknown, she is tormented by terrible visions that somehow prevent her from playing. And to get rid of them, she is ready to chop off her hand. The girl asks Charlotte to help her, but will she do a good deed? Or are not supernatural forces behind all this?

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