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Paul, Apostle of Christ

Andrew Hyatt
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The setting is Mamertine Prison in Rome where Paul has been imprisoned because he has been deemed a threat to the Roman Empire. Emperor Nero has sentenced him to death. Paul's long journey to this place has been eventful. At one time-as Saul-he persecuted Christians relentlessly. And then he converted to Christianity. That is when Paul became the persecuted. His path has involved degradation, torture and shipwreck. At Mamertine, he interacts with his jailer Mauritius and Luke the evangelist. Mauritius is curious about Paul and seeks to learn how this one man can have such a profound effect on the empire. Luke, his dutiful caretaker, takes this opportunity to write the Acts of the Apostles, a history of the early church. Meanwhile, the infamous persecution of the Christians under Nero is in full effect. As the time draws near to the date of his execution, Paul struggles with God's forgiveness for his sins..

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