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The Cloverfield Paradox

IMDb 5,6
The future unleashed every thing.
Julius Onah
HD 720p
102 min.
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "The Cloverfield Paradox":

On Earth, there is a real and serious crisis. People have waged wars for the resources of the planet, because every year, they are less and less, and they practically melt. The world is engulfed by difficult conflicts that adversely affect everyone. It seems that hope has left these lands and humanity stands at the last line. But at this time, in outer space, scientists conduct very important tests of one device. These experiments are very important, since they can give a ray of light in hopeless conflicts. 

If the professionals do it all, then the experiments will help to overcome the energy crisis on Earth. Scientists are counting on the fact that they will get it right. But several attempts end in failure. The group is dominated by more pessimistic opinions. In the meantime, fuel for the device remains for three attempts, and in the event of successive failures, the experiment will fail. But unexpectedly for scientists, there is a successful launch, and the device starts to work, as it should. It seemed now that everything would be all right. But the joyful mood did not last long. A good mood evaporates when the group faces inexplicable phenomena.

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