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Septembers of Shiraz

IMDb 5.9
1 nomination.
Wayne Blair
HD 720p
110 min.
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SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE MOVIE "Septembers of Shiraz":

Iran in 1979 shook the real tragedy, the country was falling into two parts because of the civil confrontation in the state. The authorities were so distraught at the intrusion into the private life of the United States that they decided to eradicate any manifestations of 'Americanism' in their homeland. Suspicions of espionage are the main character of the film 'Septembers of Shiraz', who most of the time gave honest money and the creation of his own enterprise. 
Jeweler with Jewish roots became a potential threat for government officials, because the man was accused of spying for the enemy. Jewel had to survive the troubled times, when it was no longer a question of preserving the cause of life, but was a matter of preserving one's own life and saving loved ones. Taking a family, a man decides to leave the country at any cost, but the state railway stations and the airport have been ordered, so we have to look for other ways of escape. 
The presented picture will tell the fascinating story of a simple man who suddenly became one of the most dangerous enemies for the surrounding community. For the rest of his life, a man tries to prove that the origin does not matter when there is a question of loyalty to the motherland. But what can be done when opponents blindly follow established principles?

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